In order for your children to achieve their highest potential, working together with parents and our experienced ABA professionals and consultants, parent-school collaboration is the key to success. 

1. Parents’ training
Understanding your child and the different methodologies we use is an important element to maximize your child’s learning potential.  Working with parents by providing trainings from time to time based on the latest research and methodologies, the school and parents can further cater for your child's needs with the most suitable combination of strategies.  

2. Goal setting meetings
At Bridge Academy, we value parents’ concerns and opinions.  Through the goal setting meetings, we can have a better understanding of the children's needs and the parents’ expectations.  By setting the goals together with the parents we offer the most beneficial Individualized Education Programme for the children to reach their true potential.

3. Progress Meetings
Throughout the academic year, parents will meet with teachers from time to time to review and discuss the children’s progress.   Our Programme Supervisor will inform parents of any adjustments that will be made to the Individualized Education Programme to obtain the most efficient and enjoyable learning experience.

4. Seminars
Our professionals offer seminars on a regular basis to provide information on different aspects in helping children with learning challenges. By gaining a better understanding, the school and the parents can work more closely to provide the best combination of strategies for the children's ongoing development. 


We cater to our students’ needs with our high teacher to student ratio.  While students will spend most of their time with a 1-to-1 therapist, they will also have an opportunity to engage in paired and group lessons providing an all-round experience.  In addition, we carefully choose our educational toys to provide a fun, educational, and multi-sensory playing experience.   


Adopting the National Common Core Standard Curriculum, we provide a comprehensive education including:

Literacy Numeracy Physical Education
Music Library Art

In addition to common core subjects, we provide target-specific subjects including:

Language & Communication Social & Play Skills Behaviourial & Emotion Management
Self-Care & Independent Living Skills Learning to Learn Perceptual Motor Training

Every student has a unique combination of how much time, what type of skills and in what level he/she should learn in each of these subjects.  A student who is good at Language but has more behaviourial issues will have an Individualized Education Programme that has a strong Social Emotional Management focus. 

In addition to our regular school subjects, we provide extra-curricular activities after school to provide a target specific yet fun time for the students.